Monday, March 03, 2008


Gold and Silver have been very very hot for the past few weeks or so gaining immensely on the back of weaker dollar and cheap money supply by the "US of A" . Another major reason is that investors have lots of funds in their hands but nowhere else to invest to as the equity markets are turning out to be damp squibs world over... and mor so in the short term there seems tto be no respite for investors of equity and stocks.
So the only option left for investors is GOLD..... SO STAY INVESTED..
Silver on the other hand has high demad by industries also coupled with the fact that the supply is diminishing by the day..the gap between demand and supply is rising by the another 50% rise is extremely possible ..say upto $30 .
Crude oil should not rise at all ... but the oil producing countries have become habitual to a higher crude prices despite a dip in demand for crude...( could be close to 30% )... So all in all the rise is pure speculation by the oil majors or producers and by big players.

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